Monday, March 29, 2010

Ice Cream!

You tell how many desserts I typically eat by how often I post. So just in case you weren't keeping track that's not very often. Mostly because this gal is in need of losing serious inches and is working towards eating healthier and more sensible. That being said I have found the most AH-MAZ-ING ice cream that money can buy, and the best part is that it is low-cal and low-fat (I know it's a crazy-but-true miracle!) The Brand is: Dreyer's (or Edy's west of the Rocky Mountains),Slow Churned Yogurt Blends. Their vanilla is yummy and I shouldn't downplay it, but seriously my faves (so far) are the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Peach. WOWSERS! These are seriously the creamiest wonderfullest frozen treats that I've put in my mouth. You should put them in your mouth too!

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