Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rainbow Jello

This amazing aesthetically pleasing Jello takes a while to make but is worth every layer. I made it for a themed event in which all colors of the rainbow needed to be used as well as white and gold...hence the gold bow tied to the bottom of the dish. It turned out great and everyone said it was the best Jello they had ever had. I thought to myself, "Is Jello really that hard to mess up?".

Rainbow Jello

7 flavors (3 oz. Each) Jello (Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Berry Blue and Black Cherry or Black Berry Fusion*)
16 ounce container Sour Cream or Sour Cream substitute
8 ounce container cool whip, optional

Dissolve each package of Jello separately and hour apart.
Each package is dissolved in 1 cup boiling water
Divide jello in half
Add 1/3 cup sour cream to half of the jello and pour into glass bowl, trifle dish or 9x13 pan.
Refrigerate ½ hour
Add 2 Tablespoons cold water to the other half
Pour on top on first layer and refrigerate for another ½ hour.
Repeat process with each box of jello
Top with cool whip if desired

Tips for the Jello Foodie:
Because I am impaitent at times and don't want to dissolve jello by slowly stirring with a spoon I whisk Jello instead. This makes bubbles...and when the Jello cools so do the bubbles and they can be kind of unsightly since they tend to gather at the edges of the bowl. So what I do is "mop up" the bubbles with a paper towel before I put the jello in the fridge to set.

Also this jello will set on it's own if left on the counter, so if you want to add another layer don't wait longer than a 1/2 hour because the Jello left out on the counter will set. It's a good thing I bought extra Berry Blue...

**Flavors that are not good to use in this recipe: peach and grape (they over power the other flavors)

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